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Geek Girl

Geek Girl started in 2007 to encourage women to approach technology with confidence, instead of fear. Geek Girl empowers women of all ages and all financial levels to pursue their love of technology. They encourage everyone from beginners to startup savants. They hold Tech Conferences, workshops, seminars, public speakers, consulting and Geek Girl for Hire. Their goal is to have a more diverse work force in tech, create a stronger tech bond between children and their parents, and create a future where every child can become their own Tech Superhero.

Geek Girls brand has a chaotic trademark and a monotonous color palette, it communicates a shallow interpretation of the original concept of the conference. If basing its true identity as a superhero why not take the comic book inspiration and align themselves with their core values. Geek Girl’s current tagline is “be your own superhero!”

The Challenge

The target audience is women who want to learn new skills, rebranding the conference is a solution that will help the conference become a more welcoming and playful experience. Unlike the current branding of Geek Girl, the solution helps align the concept of people becoming their own Superhero.

The Goal

Brand Position

Target Audience
The consumer is a wide range of ages starting at age 14 and up, they are mostly women, living in urban cities. Their interests are to learn more about business, with a willingness to learn something new, and a desire to add skills to their skill set.

Tone of Voice.
empowering heroic figures.

Taught skills that help women become independent and make classes teaching these skills more available for to women. Geek Girl provides business skills and internet skills for anyone who is willing to learn.

Aims and objectives.
promoting the comic book concept and adding a playful tone to the overall brand.


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Vivian Gremler

Age: 50
Occupation: Business owner
Location: Boston

Vivian wanted to learn more about being a successful business women by learning new skills. Sometimes struggles to learn new technology and wishes to improve her knowledge of apps and and other programs to get a better understanding of today's world.


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Cory Matson

Age: 32

Occupation:  Social Influencer, Blogger

Location: San Diego

Writes a blog about travel and culture. She wants to gain more views and improve her blog . She wasn’t sure how to change it for the better so she is going to the conference to learn how to be successful at being a blogger and businesswoman.


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Logo Variation

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Promotional material:


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Color Palette

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