Home Remedies

Natural home remedies are safe and useful for common ailments. Most non-life threatening illnesses can be treated at home. This app will help learn how you can use natural cures (alternative medicine or herbal cures) to replace many of the most commonly used over-the-counter drugs in the treatment of common ailments. This app helps you find your own path of healing through natural remedies.

The Challenge

The app is lacking in user efficiency and wastes time. The design is simplistic and could use another approach to make it more user friendly.

The Goal

With simplistic design changes and the reorganization of content, we can better educate users on home remedies.  This will build trust with users to help them in the best way possible.


Home Remedies target audience are people who believe that theres a simple solutions to solve their symptoms.

Holistic people

college students


Yoga instructers

free spirited people.


Font family

Cera Regular



Cera Regular

Cera Medium

Cera Bold

Color Palette



The home remedies logo is made up of a hospital cross and leaves to emphasize the nature and medical influences.


Age: 28
Occupation: Artist
She cooks, creative,activist, independent, vegetarian
Dislikes corporations, GMOS.

Vanessa Celeste

Features Map

- sharing ability.
- suggest recipes.
- ingredient information.
- ingredient Search
- Common questions


- serious condition warning section.
- user login/prole.
- having a community of users.

- have the local doctors option.
- have recent natural medicine news.




-take time to find a solution to the problem.
- won’t credited.





Paper Prototypes

Digital Mockup