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Hi! My name is Greer and I'm a graphic designer in Austin, TX. Working on branding and art direction projects.

My favorite aspect of design is how you can find inspiration everywhere. An example is being in inspired by my teammates they always push me to be better and be stronger designer. I'm a hard worker and I like to challenge myself in learning new skills and leaving no stone unturned when it comes to solving a problem.

I'm an Austinite who has also lived overseas in Japan. I love to travel and I plan to visit every country in the world during my lifetime.

When I'm not doing design, I'm your common internet dweller who's a casual gamer, SI-FI book conspiracy theorist, and live music enthusiast. Down below is my design IG page where I like to do passion projects. I'm currently exploring different art techniques and to challenge myself to go outside my comfort zone.

Let's Chat!

Message sent. Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch soon.